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This is a site where you can find lots of 'How to do this, How to do that'. All of which are things that I experiment, I do, and then I share with people like you all over the world. In this site, you will find how to record a cover song, how to cook vegetarian Chinese dish, etc...This site started during mid July 2011. It is still fresh and new. This site will be more and more informative as time goes by. I do hope to get support from you guys by subscribing to this site!                                                                                    Look to your right ------>

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About Author

I am Jyi, currently an aeronautics student studying in Imperial College London. This is a site where I tried out stuffs and share with you. There are a lot of easy, quick ways in doing things in life. This helps a lot for students/working people like me. Besides studying full-time, I am also a part time singer-songwriter. Under the name of Jyi's Production, I write songs, record them, and sell them online with the help of internet and friends. This is the site where you can find my songs: Of course, I will also share with you how to record a cover song with lowest cost and easiest way!