How to record a cover song?
(in the easiest and cheapest way)

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You like a song you hear in Youtube or radio, and you would like to cover it and share it to Youtube. How to record a cover song? This article will show you how to record a cover song in the easiest and cheapest way.

recording condenser mic ($79.99)
audio interface ($95.33)
recording editing software (free - mac)
cheap and good pair of studio monitor headphones ($15.78)
and a good voice :)

I am currently using this condenser mic, MXL 990s for all my recordings, songs cover, even for my album! This is really a good and cheap mic. Amazon offers a really good price, $79.99 brand new! Here's the link to get this mic online.

If you already own a condenser mic, just go ahead with yours. It doesn't really matter much. Don't forget to get a XLR to XLR cable and a stand, you can get these three in Amazon too! :) This will cost you to about $100 for these three items to record a cover song!

To record a song to your laptop/desktop, you will need an audio interface. I strongly recommend you NOT TO BUY a USB condenser mic as the quality is not as good as you get a XLR condenser mic. Yes, you need to spend a little more as you will need an audio interface to connect to your laptop. However, this is worth more than what you pay for a USB condenser mic.

I am currently using M-Audio Fast Track. This is really a cheap and good audio interface as it has phantom power to boost up your condenser mic. It also allows you to also pluck into your guitar and record it together with your singing with the condenser mic! It is good for the price too! I have found this super cheap deal in Amazon for the price of $95.33! This is cheaper than I bought... *Note: You will not see the price below, but it is only $95.33 when you put into your cart (as of July,14th, 2011)

While recording/editing your cover song, you will need a studio monitor headphones in monitoring your work. Do not simply get any headphones, get a studio monitor headphones because the normal headphones that we used to listen to, does not represent the 'true colour' of your recordings. I have a few pairs of headphones. The cheapest one is the SONY MDR V-150 studio monitor headphones. I like this a lot as it is not too bulky to bring around as well. Although it sounds too much of 'bass' but it does a great job too!

Let's Do it!

With all the 'ingredients' above, you are ready to record a cover song. Wait...What if you do not know how to play any instruments? Not to worry. There are thousands of kind people who have uploaded instrumental versions in Youtube, etc... As to start off, I did an instrumental of 'What are words by Chris Medina'. You can view and download it here!

Connect the dots.
Now you have an instrumental track for your cover song. Let's connect your 'ingredients' together to record your cover song!

1. Connect your MXL990 to M-Audio Fast Track with XLR cable. Connect the audio interface to you laptop through the USB cable given. Last but not least, pluck in your headphones into the audio interface as shown.
2. Open your audio editing software. I am using GarageBand, which is available free to all Mac users! Hence, I will be showing you some super easy tricks you can use using GarageBand in recording a cover song! Lay down the instrumental track.
3. Next, change your input source setting to mono1, if you are recording using condenser mic (plug into the audio interface).
4. You are ready to record your cover song! Press the record button. Record until you are satisfy with the voice you've recorded! Next, use some easy tricks given in GarageBand to make your voice sounds nicer. Tried out the effects given and choose the one you like best!
5. When you have found the effects wanted, you are ready to share your cover song to the rest of the world! Click Share > Export Song to Disk . Do not compress your song as this will give you the highest quality!


This 5 simple steps only shows you the most fundamentals things to record a cover song that you like most! If you like what you read, share it with your friends, and like it!


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Extra Note:

Make this your habit, put your master volume within the range of -6dB to -3dB so that the mastering stage can get the most out of your recording tracks! If you would like to sell the recorded cover song of yours, it is highly recommended that you send your recording tracks for mastering.